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For Baby
Hand/ Foot Print
Ceramic Hand and Foot Prints to treasure even after your baby is grown! 
PL-8-BI....8.5" plate .....$45.00
Ask about gift kit!

The Blue Sail

Dainty Flowers


Large Platter

              Chip n Dip  Thumbprint Bugs

Cookie Jar  Handprint Garden     Thumbprint Bugs    .

Green Polka Dots


Reindeer Footprints- girl
(red or burgundy bow)

Reindeer Footprints - boy
(Red or burgundy bow tie)88

Heirloom Tea Sets
Traditional Tea Sets that you and your child will cherish for years to come.

Adult Three Piece Tea Set

14 Piece Child Tea Set 

Child Tea Set

More Tea Set designs:  Christmas Bow and Holly.

Bunny Bank
(not shown)