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Name/ Address Plates
Decorate your home with a Hand-Painted Name or Address Plates
Oval tiles are mounted with screws to any pre-drilled wall surface.

House numbers are 3” minimum to comply with emergency services.

An artistic way to distinguish your house from the neighborhood

(First names, add $10.00)
OV-XL-BW. $75.00


Manson Name Tile
OV-68-bw $65.00
Wall Mounts

Display your House Number or Last Name Inside or Outside Your Home

Red Geranium Vine
168 —Wall Mount

2-66-W Black and White
Bridges Wall Mount

Blue Hydrangea
Wyndham Wall Mount

Red Geranium Vine
605 Wall Mount

Rivera Wall Mount


Black and White                                          Red Geranium (window box)

Magnolia                                            Pink Hydrangea

 Purple Hydrangea                                   Blue Hydrangea

Prices begin at $75.  
Email geraniumii@aol.com for prices and frame availability.